What is Elements? 

We require that all new members take part in at least 9-12 hours of our Elements Program.  As the name indicates, this is a core program that focuses on introducing you to the basic foundational movements, explaining our program and demystifying nutrition. 

The sessions run four times per week over four weeks at 6pm. You will be assigned and introduced to a personal coach who will teach you all you need to know about doing CrossFit at CrossFit Solas. You will also have the choice to train in a regular class on Friday and/or Saturday.

The Elements Program emphasizes good movement and gradually increases in intensity. The sessions will incorporate gymnastics, weightlifting, skill work, cardio and various other skills all constructed into a fun and effective workout. 

Upon completion, you will graduate into our unlimited membership track. You can, of course, also choose to complete some additional elements classes before making the jump.

Four weeks - Four dedicated classes per week
 Mon - Thursday at 6pm

Small Group Classes with 1:4 coach to member ratio
Personal Movement Assessment
Personal Nutrition Assessment
Training tailored to your fitness and goals.  

Total cost: 199 euro p/person 

Not sure? Come in for a no commitment / no cost meeting with our head coach. We'd be happy to show you the gym and discuss your needs.


Why CrossFit Solas?


Functional Movement

New Year, Better You.

The basic definition of CrossFit is functional movement done at high intensity.

We prioritise functional movements, that is movements that life demands. Whether we practice these or not, they are essential to independent living. These are movements like squatting, pressing, pushing, pulling, bending. 

Good movement takes time and work, requiring coaching, practice, mobility, flexibility, core strength and more. From there we can add load/intensity and build power. 

The intensity of the sessions depends on how hard you can or want to push that day. 



Our community is what makes us unique. It's our biggest strength. 

Every day, our members come together to train and challenge themselves. In our classes, you'll see people supporting, cheering and helping each other. There are no egos, we're all training as a team.

The sense of community is truly unique - everyone knows each other, there is always someone to help you, to compare workouts, to meet for coffee. This is totally the opposite of what you find in a regular gym. At CrossFit Solas, we know names, life stories.....The importance of social support is that it provides motivation.

Zooming out to a global level, there's a bigger network of 15,000 affiliates with that same community. 


At CrossFit Solas, our coaches are passionate and knowledgeable. 

Our head coach, Ian, has over 10 years experience in the industry. Having competed on the international circuit, sustained and rehabbed a serious back injury and coached groups/individuals in three countries over the last 10 years, Ian has gained a vast experience in many areas of the sport. 

"In those years, I’ve come to realize that exercise has the potential to be more than just something we 'squeeze' into our week. If we invest the energy and time, it has the power to make many other parts of our lives incrementally better as well. My goal as a coach is to help empower and show you what you're capable of." 


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